David will listen to all Alaskans on every issue and legislate what is best for Alaska.

David will introduce legislation to stop our government from paying interest with your money; repeal the unconstitutional income tax on individuals and lower taxes on corporations, if not eliminate them also.

David will work to enforce Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus and to repeal the Patriot Act.

David will vote to get the Federal Government out of our children's education and put the locals back in charge.

David will fight for the liberty of all Americans and protect our constitution.

David will never vote to raise your taxes.

David can carry a gun and wants you to be able to do so also.

David will introduce legislation to free non-criminals convicted of drug use from prison and into drug rehabilitation.

David will introduce legislation that will save our drop-out children and make winners of them all.

David will not be fooled into ghost issues, he knows the enemy and can see through smoke screens.

David will not make one business deal while in office, no cattle futures or minority interests in who knows what with guess who.

David will never support secret earmarks, pork belly and other secret schemes and will seek to find a better way of funding good projects.

It is the money; follow the money; the government has too much debt and and the tax payers are paying interest to foreign entities. The solution is actually simple and it has been done before: pay the Federal Reserve corporation off with none-interest bearing Government notes. Thomas Jefferson said "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs". He was right then and it was right when Abraham Lincoln printed government notes; so why would it not be right now?. Think hard and long on it and then ask your self, why not? Why should the government pay interest on money that is created from nothing by a private company?

The problem has developed over a long time, Woodrow Wilson could be blamed, on his death bed he admitted he was duped .

If by the grace of God I am elected I will introduce legislation to:

1. Either buy or nationalize the Federal Reserve Corporation.
2. Pay the entire debt off with government issued non-interest bearing notes (Continental script as our founding fathers did, Greenbacks as
Lincoln did). Then we could legally demand our gold back as it is being held as security for the debt that would no longer exist.
3. Establish a congressional oversight committee to monitor the day to day operations of  the new public owned Federal Reserve Corporation to insure they do not do any thing to harm our economy again and insure all meetings are open to the public.

David says "I will keep introducing it and add amendments to every piece of legislation that comes along and speak out with all I have".

The sky is not falling, but our confidence in our leaders is, because they are leading us down the path to slavery! Some know how and why, others just sense it. We are all over the place on specific issues, but the majority of us know the threat is real.. A third party is the solution; do not waste your vote on more of the same.

David believes strongly in the right to life and life begins at conception, it is a scientific fact.  23 chromosomes from each contributor makes the 46 in a person, but he also stands up for the mothers right to do as she chooses with that that is hers. God is the judge. Not the government and the government is not the solution and it should endeavor to not be part of the problem. For guidance on this issue "I look to the first Psalm (stand not in the way of sinners)".  We must protect the separation of church and state. When government takes a position between the people and the laws of God, government is diminishing God. Our enemies say convert or you're dead.  Our government should not say break God's law and you go to jail. The government attempts to replace God are, in my opinion a plot to lead us to Pantheism.

Global warming (it is a half-full glass getting fuller); coming up-short water routes from Europe to Alaska. It is a fact let's not ignore, let's plan for it.

"Universal Health Care" sounds good! David says: "I am all for it. How about "Universal Good Health"? Heath foods, organic versus chemically treated food, prevention and health education are the solutions that need to be sought with vigor. What I do not want is a fund endowed by taxes that only a few can draw on and that people other than the doctor and the patient decide the treatment.  Let us begin with the Veterans.  I propose to staff all V.A. hospitals with nutritionist, herbalist and other types of alternative treatments specialists. I am leaning to a solution something like this: Create clinics based on the model used to build public television, some government money to start and charity to keep them going".

The Environment and Global Warming David was an Environmentalist long before it was popular and learned of global warming in high school, that was half a century ago. He was taught it in school and saw in with his own eyes when the white fork of the McKenzie river in Oregon turned clear. The glacier that fed it melted and it never came back,  We all know it has been happening for a long time. Why all the fuss? "There is something wrong here in River city" as the saying goes. Global warming is an act of God and we are not going to stop it. However that does mean we have to plan for it and make the best plans we can. "Be prepared" (The boy scout motto) for the bad and the good that is coming as it warms up a bit. Why are some so emotional on this issue? I think they are scared and they seek the government to protect them against an act of God. This is not going to happen no matter who you vote for: a fool's folly. There will be very important legislation on this matter in the next session and as a third party member of the Senate I will be in a unique position to help keep the intelligence in the debate and the fears calmed and the alternate agendas exposed.  What will a short water route to Europe from Alaska mean to our economy? We might get one and it will not cost us anything and the bears will be fine.

The war on terror as it is called: The subsequent management of the victory was a disaster. "The Surge" strategy has improved matters dramatically in Iraq. Our troops will be out of Iraq very soon not because of the politicians, but because of our people serving us there. This is a war of ideas and beliefs that to win we must seek to understand and educate ourselves and our enemies.

Education: Take the public monopolies out of the school system.  Vouchers will give families the opportunity to make the best decision for their children. Take the Federal Government out of it. The states, local districts and the PTA did a pretty good job of running the schools before the feds got into it. Let the locals handle it. Rescue the dropouts. By rescuing our youth into the military or college or a trade occupation school or other outreach program like Outward Bound, they will get mentors to guide them to the best of their ability.  Rescue the dropout kids at age 15 to 18. There is a reason kids get into drugs and they start early.  I propose funding alternatives to recruit 15 to18 year olds, pay them a small salary while training in a skill and mentor them to a station in life.

The Energy Crisis: Stop blaming the oil companies. They get 4% for doing all the work and taking all the risk while the government takes 15% for doing nothing. When the big oil companies announce record profits we should feel confident for future energy because the oil companies will put all that profit into bringing more energy to market. Europe pays far more than America at the pump. Drill everywhere in an environmentally sound way. Katrina and subsequent storms did a lot of bad things in the heart of oil country, but spilling oil was not one of them. Develop and expand alternative energies. Solar, wind, clean coal to oil, clean shale oil, bio fuels, hydrogen, nuclear, hydro electric and energy from the tides  - surely there is a spot in Alaska perfect for generating enormous amounts of electricity without one molecule of carbon to the environment. Take the Myths out of the argument. "It will harm the Caribou"  I have hunted Caribou and observed their determination.  I was told by a young man that actually believed the road to the north slope has already made a drastic reduction in the number of Caribou. .The truth is you could crisscross ANWAR with the Erie canal and flank it on both sides with  Interstate 5 and Interstate 95 and the Caribou would not be harmed or detoured,  not a single one of them.  They travel through far greater hazards to get to ANWAR  Some say: "If ANWAR was opened tomorrow it would take ten years and only make a few cents difference" Others say: "Drilling in an ANWAR will reduce the price of gas by $1.90 per gallon"  I don't know who is tell the biggest one, but sure would like to find out and there is only one way, and that is you do it. Is there another agenda in play here?  Alaska’s Gull Island Oil Fields could power the  U.S. for 200 years or there is not enough oil up there to make 10 cents difference at the pump and it will take ten years to get it. Which is true? I do not know, but if you send me to Washington DC we will find out and that is a promise. The most recent rise to almost $150.00 per barrel and back down again had nothing to do with supply and saying it was greedy speculators is a smoke screen, It was a premeditated plot to increase the debt of Americans by European Money Masters who print the money backed by nothing and charge us, the people, interest..

The Economy: 1. Reverse the balance of payments, stop sending our money out of the country. This is the single largest cause for the recent spike in the price of oil. If we were not borrowing from the Chinese what would be our situation be?  Or is that a smoke screen?  Why are we borrowing at all?

2. Rescue the dropouts at age 15 to 16. We are falling behind other countries in the number of graduates in science and engineering let any 15 to16 years old enlist in a alternative to that end. Convert the dropouts to winners that is an economy boost.

Depending on your computers internet connection and or location the time it takes for the video to play will be from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.The war on Drugs is winnable with new tactics and strategies  Take the profit out of it. I often hear well meaning law enforcement take credit for the rise in cost of a particular drug as if it was actually solving a problem.  In a one dimensional world maybe, but in the real world impossible. Prohibition against alcohol never worked, for the same reason.  The more profit the more people get involved. It is simple, follow the money.  Take the guns and crime out of it. Stop sending money and guns to foreign countries; a recent report claimed over 4,000 innocent citizens of Mexico have been killed by drug dealers in Mexico. In parts of Mexico it is your death warrant if you become a policeman. If you take the profit out of it the guns will fade away as crime dissipates. Most petty theft and many fraud crimes in the United States are to get the money to buy drugs. Take the myths out of it. Many, if not most, in the medical mental health community think alcohol is the worst of the drugs, yet you can buy it with ease. Adults can make up their own minds, they should not be told what to think backed by the threat of prison. Put intelligence into it.  If you get rid of one drug another will take it's place, a worse one. During prohibition the alcoholics drank bathtub gin and as a last resort antifreeze. The least harmless are the all natural Marijuana, Coca leaves and other natural plants that God put on this earth for a reason. So, in their natural state why should it be a crime to own or consume a plant?   Education, tolerance and common sense are the way to win the war on drugs. The United States has two million people in prison for drug use. Is this winning the war on drugs, how many more do we want to jail?  I say we let them out.

Immigration reform:  David says: "The United States cannot send millions of Mexicans back home. It is a logistic problem that the economy could not handle. The real estate market would be devastated. People can not buy a new house if some one does not buy or rent their old house. The proposed guest worker program was the best idea I have seen so far. Our border patrol are being pelted with bricks now, it will be IEDs in the future if we keep the 'fence them out mentality that prevails in Congress'".What I advocate is guest worker cards so they can go back and forth across our borders with out being illegal. So that we know who they are and what they are doing here. The way it is now they are exploited and are afraid to go back home because they might be able to ever come back. I am not for amnesty or special treatment for them either. English should be the only language used in government and business. My fathers father had to learn English and English is what binds us as a nation. The biggest problem I found in my 6 weeks in Palestine / Israel was they speak two similar but different languages I always thought it was religion until I interview hundreds of them.

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Some more things to think about: a supporter sent me this.

 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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 Depending on your computers internet connection and or location the time it takes for the video to play will be from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge2J2lNusJs   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXmFXreNRSI&NR=1  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9146698239042440062&hl=en  http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/2004/FEMA-Concentration-Camps3sep04.htm  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261  http://www.prisonplanet.com/martial-law-will-be-declared-if-banker-bill-not-passed-in-house.html http://www.goldworthfinancial.com/infowars