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with this pharmaceutical i sensed like i had the flu.bad joint agony, fatigue. for over a year i considered i had some awful sickness but the entire time it was the tramadol.all because i not ever read the info that came with the medical practitioner new i was taking this pharmaceutical and not ever said any thing to me. he did so numerous checks to try to find out what was incorrect with me. body-fluid check, ct scan skeletal part DR ,and a MRI.all was normal. i considered i was going absurd until i one day read the info and could not belive it.i halted taking it gradually and in a issue of 2 weeks i sensed great. i wise a hard message now i read everything on all the meds i take.please habitually do the same.

looking for a new agony med. actually on T'3s, they worked better than them.I've endeavoured other ones with awful reactions, so far no edge affects. i'm a lifer on agony med.s

It is a better general alternative than a narcotic agony reliever for example percocet. Helps with agony but not as addictive. I perceived it furthermore will help with numerous persons that are obsessed to narcotic agony relievers and this will help with your remove symptoms to help "wean" you off the more "serious" drugs.

really,not to good i am sapose to take 4-times a day an it ripped my stomach up,but it assisted attractive good with the leg agony i was having with doze apnea...

I am a survivor of God's miracle! I had menengitas+ ensephillitas at the identical time. I was in a coma for 28 days and was on full life support for 12 days . Tramadol assists me with the agony in conjunction with aspirin.The hefty narcotics don't do as well! If you desire to read the full article of my excursion, proceed to David Smith